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I can’t thank you enough for all of your help with this, you have done an amazing job; just like the other motions you have helped me with. I want to let you know that I always feel that you are genuinely concerned about me and my children. Thank you so much!

Father of three

I truly cannot Thank YOU enough for how you handled my separation and custody proceedings. You showed exceptional compassion and dedication in helping to resolve the complex situation. On top of that you explained and pointed out certain details to help take a lot of the emotions out of an extremely sensitive situation and focusing myself on the heart of the matter of what was best for the children. I appreciate your approach of helping myself find solutions and compromises instead of creating conflict to drag it out in court, costing time and money. I am grateful for your honest and respectful approach.

Father of two

Many lawyers purposefully create or intensify conflict in order to drag your case out in court. During this process they destroy your family, eliminate any chance to have a healthy co-parenting relationship with your ex in the future, and drain your bank account in the process. It’s rare to find a lawyer that wants to focus on an end solution and not the current problems. I was lucky enough to find that lawyer.
Three years after my divorce, when my ex-husband decided to take me back to court for increased parenting time and child support, I thought it was a horrible joke. Unfortunately it was not, and in order to win, he needed to “build a case” by accusing me of everything possible. Nicole was able to decimate the lies and dishonesty by providing factual and honest proof, staying right on point, all the while facing a less than virtuous opposing attorney.
The outcome was finally both in the best interest of my children and fair to me. I could not have gotten through one of the most difficult and painful years of my life without Nicole. She was calm, focused, and prepared at all times. She was knowledgeable, efficient and always responsive when I had questions, even on weekends and late evenings. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is going through a divorce, or post decree custody/child support modification. You will be in the hands of a good person and an incredible lawyer. Most importantly, she will always put children’s best interest first. You will never make a decision that you will not be proud to share with them when they are adults.

Mother of two

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